How do you find your way through the bewildering fitness maze? How do you find the right product? How do you get your product ideas designed? How do you get them turned into products, then shipped to arrive on time at your store? Answer…DALPS! With an experienced and dedicated team like DALPS as your partner, we will help you solve all of those issues.

DALPS has earned an enviable track record in delivering value and a competitive advantage to our customers by effectively producing fitness products that meet the needs of our customer and their different markets.

Our organization, with offices in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Taipei, brings R&D, Product Design, Prototyping, Packaging, Manufacturing and Logistics together to help our customers reach their goals.
The President Mr. Lawrence Hao
We do believe that “Team work “Brand” "Product innovation" "Mass production ability" "Grand strategy" "Excellent Financial foundation" Should be five major factors of a successful enterprise. This is of course our goal to head forward on the right track.

1986 Dalps & leisure products supply corporation in Taipei, Taiwan.
1994 Suzhou factory in China.
2006 Headquarters move to Suzhou, China.
Suzhou Headquarter
Our factory is located in Suzhou, A beautiful city close to Shanghai. It's around 1.5 hours drive form Hongqiao International Airport or 2.5 hours drive from Pudong International airport to our factory.
Taipei Headquarte
Product Research: New product design development includes fitness accessories and exercise equipment. Our company policy on this phase is to open private tooling for products made by plastic injection and Casting iron and Share tooling cost with the manufacturers for Exercise equipment.